CIFAR’s Next Big Question

In spring 2010, CIFAR hosted Next Big Question events in 7 Canadian cities. The tour presented  a series of lively debates and discussions touching on many issues emerging from the world of advanced research.

At each event three researchers from different CIFAR programs made the case for why their topic of exploration represents the Next Big Question.  The audience joined in on the discussion and voted on which question they thought was the biggest and most pressing.

Here are the questions that were featured:

What makes a great leader?

What is the fate of the Universe?

What makes a society resilient?

What does the future hold for our planet?

What does your genome say about who you are?

Can we build a brain?

How do microbes rule the world?

Can we create superconductors that work at room temperature?

Where can quantum computing carry us?

Why is destiny not in our genes?

Can we sustain the information revolution?

How can political institutions best promote peace and prosperity?